If I met Tyga in person


I would cry!

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imapaperchaser-deactivated20110 ahha no probleme :) if I relpy late it will be becuss of the time change :) unless you live in england :)

oh no lol aweee, it’s okay then (: i’ll just leave a quick message for you regarding the information about the site <3

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possibility of not deleting the page.
(looks at followers) i lost a lot so hm.. possibility of deleting.

WHO KNOWS (kanye shrug) i gotta do homework -.- 

imapaperchaser-deactivated20110 OMGGG dont delte your blog/page thinggyy sorry I cant spell. I LOVE your blog if you need help or w.e I will :):):):):) Juss keep the blog I love all the stuff you post up <3

thankkk youuuu <3 finally lol i will contact you tonight about the help, i reaaaallyyyyyy appreciate itttttttt (: 

Tyga fan fiction

Heyy my luv I was reading some posts from a few Tyga fans on here and I just wanted to post a link I found of a great Tyga story I don’t think it’s finished yet but people can post comments and tell what they think they can also read stories about other YM fam,Trey Songz(there’s ALOT of stories about him lol) and others so i’ll post the link at the bottom and let u know if I find anymore okay??…hope all of well peace and love MUAH;-) #TeamTyga

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Anonymous Is this a rumor???

yes it is

Anonymous i didnt know tyga really did have a baby on the way. bet she'll be gorgeous.

i don’t keep in track with this boy and this is the crap i find out? lmao i didnt know either

leyynnaaax0 thanks for the follow :)

welcomeee (:

so i might delete this page…

because i’m rarely home to post and update. i’ve asked for help.. no volunteers so… by the end of the day i’ll make my decision. 

everyone have a good day (:

Drunk Tweets?
  • Tyga:  ayzim nthevip muthafucka monster
  • Tyga:  intrippin rite now
  • Tyga:  dueces justcame on...I said sumtrue shii foreel
  • Tyga:  u ever baeen n lub...that shii reall
  • Tyga:  i really got a girl that i love furrrel
  • Tyga:  imma keep itt real i just bought like 100 roses n the club
  • Tyga:  just thruem to all the girls...I'm on
  • Tyga:  crazy how life can change overniteeee
  • Tyga:  its hot feel like takin my shirt off butt i cant movers
  • Tyga:  saver me...baby
  • Tyga:  inneed a massage where my baby at
  • Tyga:  do you really love me????
  • Tyga:  youngmoney my nigga drizzy got me outcherr on tour reallniggafreeweezy